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Carnival Dance Taster Day almost upon us.

Hey everybody ,

Well Sunday is almost upon us and our Carnival Dance Taster Day is to ready meet and greet all you fabulous performers. Remember all adults are welcome with their child/ children to watch and as mentioned there will be a bar to purchase snacks and drinks.

Please refer to the class times below to make sure you have the correct class.

A reminder for the 2 15-3-00 adult class, anybody is welcome to join in with or without experience.

These classes are fun based classes and thank you once again for your support. We want to make our 2024 carnival a success,and all those attending, you are part of a community that will help make this happen.

Thank you all and I’m looking forward to seeing you all Sunday.

A reminder of the class times and details are as follows.



BEGINNERS. – 7yrs – 11yrs….11-30am-12-00 For those who love to dance, All standards welcome.

ELEMENTARY 12yrs – 15yrs 12-15pm—1-00pm For students with some training, experience or beginners confident to try and pick up basic choreography.

INTERMEDIATE 16yrs – 20yrs 1-15pm – 2-00pm For students with strong dance technique and performance experience. Confident younger students from 15yrs are also free to join this class.

ADULT CLASS 20yrs and upward 2-15pm – 3-00pm A generic fun upbeat class for any adults who want to join in and be part of the Weymouth Carnival Dance company or do the class just for fun. No experience necessary.

There will be an opportunity to ask any relevant questions to any of our organisers present on the day.



Kallum Gethins
Author: Kallum Gethins


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