The Route To Success

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.


We believe in being responsive in feedback and ideas submitted to us from the public and put them into fruition where possible for all-round happiness


In everything we do, we strive to produce top quality work and remain compliant with health, Insurance and equality


Support from local businesses is what keeps Carnival going and without them, there will be no carnival. We liase with local businesses and support them back in thanks for their support.

Our committee work tirelesly to help bring carnival back so they all deserve some recognition

Kallum Gethins

Director & Chairman

I started up the new C.I.C back in August 2022 after realising nobody was going to revive it. I gathered knowledge and information from previous carnivals' to help boost what could be improved in this new company and help revive everybody's favourite event.

Jake Brewer

Director & Vice Chairman

I help identifiy and make recommendations to minimize any workplace hazards that the members or contractors might face while performing their jobs. I also help create assessments for events and liaise with S.A.G meetings.

Linda Skelton

Linda Skelton


The responsibilities I have of the Secretary are summarised:
To keep an up-to-date list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of committee and
ordinary members of the organisation.

Sinto Antony

Director & Treasurer

I have specific responsibilities for the administration of money. I must create secure systems for income and expenditure control, monitor cash flow, prepare statutory returns to Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, advise on investments and prepare annual accounts for audit

Debbie Rogers

Debbie Rogers

Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Raise public awareness of both the need for and the role of volunteering. Evaluate and improve the volunteering process and experience. Provide case studies demonstrating journey travelled. Promote the organisation, its volunteer efforts and its accomplishments internally and externally.

Chelsea Bolderson

Events Manager

I oversee event work, especially when it comes to community events and the biggest of them all, Weymouth Carnival!

Charlotte Godwin


I am part of the management team at The Three Chimneys in Weymouth and provide the committee with fundraising ideas and advice.

Mandy Owens

Mandy Owens

Community Arts Manager

Engaging with community groups including local schools, businesses to bring the arts into Weymouth Carnival

Annika Garratt

Annika Garratt

Arts & Entertainment

Communicating with acts and procesion entries so everyone understands the carnival theme and I also help with the booking for everything entertainment!

Lee Bourne

Sponsorship Officer

I create sponsorship proposals so that we can work with local businesses and collaborate to bring back Weymouth Carnival



I have joined the company through young membership which allows youngsters like myself to join the planning process for the carnival and have my voice heard. unfortunately I don't have the right to vote in any decision until I am 18 but my ideas are heard by everyone on the committee.

I also help source local talent for music events and for carnival day

Sarah Jane

Events Director

I direct the team in leading a way to new innovative ways to fundraise and ultimatley pull off the biggest event in Weymouth!

Callum Edwards

Videographer & Content Manager

I help the organisation by taking photos to be shared online and to create promotional videos to help marketing needs.

Teri Loten


I join fundraising events and help out where I can to help bring carnival back

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