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Transparency is important as it allows us to provide information to the public which may usually be hidden and helps us build trust with every community around Weymouth.

The requirement for accountability and transparency is most pronounced with regard to financial
management. This is because our organisation is most likely, now or in the future, to receive
monies by way of grant or donation to revive Weymouth Carnival.

We will demonstrate our accountability by being able to produce an accurate and
verifiable record of how monies are spent from a particular grant. Such a record would show how much was received, how much was spent and that all expended monies were spent on Weymouth Carnival
as agreed by the person/business who haved donated money.

Releasing information to the public shows that our business is honest and trustworthy which is an important part of managing public relations. It is also an effective way to build likeability and even more importantly, loyalty with our brand. In fact, clients are 94% more likely to be loyal to a brand that incorporates transparency into its business model.

All of committee members are trained in transprency, we provide workshops to allow this to happen and we fully support them by implementing policies and procedures to fully comply with this.