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Volunteer With Us

We are always looking for friendly and enthuastic people to join our committee.

We are a friendly and community based group of people with one goal; reviving Weymouth Carnival and make it the best one ever!

We are looking for adults and youngsters with or without knowledge of Weymouth Carnival!

Roles we are actively looking for are:

Assistant Treasurer

Social Media Volunteer

Events Manager

Sponsorship Manager

General Event Volunteers

Anybody is welcome to join the team.

Young Membership:

In our constitution we have adapted that young people aged 14 and above can be part of the committee, however they can not take on responsibility in a management form until they have reached 18 years of age. We encourage youngesters to take part in volunteering at events and having their ideas heard during committee meetings but they cannot make decisions until they reach their eighteenth birthday.

Beneifits include:

  • Expanding your personal network.
  • Relationships you form on the committee are second to none.
  • Demonstrate and develop your leadership skills. You don’t have to be chair of a committee to demonstrate your leadership!
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills and build up a network base.
  • Put forward your knowledge in future careers.

Equality & Diversity On The Board:

We believe every culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way! Similarly, every culture, nationality, and person has different knowledge, perspectives, and points of view. When all of these different views are shared together, miracles can happen, the miracle we are wanting to happen is Weymouth Carnival.- “where dreams become reality”

We also provide training on the committee to allow other members to understand different religions and beliefs and to work as a team no matter the differences.

Fill in our form if you are interested and become part of the epic journey as a team.


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