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Music Event

We are a collective of community members who would like to bring back Weymouth Carnival on the 14th August 2024 as a one-day event, as well as broadening our horizons with following carnivals and expanding our event(s).

Weymouth Carnival is proposing a Music Event, featuring popular local DJs with stage performances and other amenities, opening at 10:00 and running until 23:00 with a “Club Classics” section.

Air 107.2 have provided us with a proposal for the music event, this includes:

” – Stage: Air 107.2 has already established a relationship with a local company who provides the stage
for the well known party in the park events. This same stage would be used for the event.
– Presenting: Air 107.2’s team of presenters are able to host the event, and DJs can fill in between acts.
– Production: Air 107.2 has full priority access to large scale sound, lighting and electrical distribution.
– Crew: Air 107.2 has experienced and qualified engineers on board covering all the different aspects
needed (sound engineers, stage management, etc).
– Radio Coverage: The whole event is able to be broadcast on location live on AIR 107.2 “