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Event Evaluation Survey Template

Event Evaluation Survey Template
Weymouth Carnival Survey

Have you been to Weymouth Carnival before?*

If above answer is yes, where did you travel from?*

What was your favourite part about Weymouth Carnival?*

It's been noted that we could change the event date to October for following carnivals just like Somerset carnivals do. would you be in support of this?*

I agree The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C support other community groups and charities in the local area.*

What entries would you like to see for Weymouth Carnival in 2024?*

Have you stayed in a hotel or camp site whilst visiting Weymouth for the carnival before? If so which one?*

What would you like to see the current organisation do more of?*

Would you consider joining the committee?*

How would you describe Weymouth Carnival to a friend?*

What was your biggest challenge, frustration or problem with previous carnival events in Weymouth?*

Are the pitch prices reasonable for one day?*

Would you like to see other carnival groups assist us in making Weymouth Carnival great again?*

Do you agree with a partnership with Wellington and Swanage carnivals?