Inflatable Costume Trex Dinosaur Costumes (Current Weymouth Carnival Mascot)



Our Dream:

We love Weymouth.

Weymouth is situated on the beautiful Jurrasic Coast, where dinosaurs once used to roam many million years ago.

Our committee thought it would be a great idea to represent this by implementing this as our (mascot).


Funny Riding On costume,bring attention & laughter for you.

Water-proof polyester, hand washable and easy to clean.

Quick to inflate with air pump, powered by 4 * 1.5V AA battery(not Included).

Suitable for adult to wear.

Freely walk/move to everywhere, without any hinder.

Perfect to use at: Halloween/Xmas celebration, party, fancy dress, carnival, cosplay etc.

Installation instructions:

1: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw in the battery pack, put in 4 AA batteries in battery pack ,then fix the cover .

2: Unscrew outer fan ring counterclockwise ,screw outer fan ring back into place to secure fan to costume

( usually, the fan is installed in costume, you can pass this step )

3: Plug in power cord from battery-pack to fan

4:Step into costume and clip battery pack to your own clothing.move battery-pack switch to ON position .

It wil take about some minutes for air inflating . with our strong power blower fan,you don’t need to wait too long


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