Health & Safety


It is the policy of the committee of the Weymouth Carnival to do all that is reasonably practicable to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the volunteers, entrants and all visitors to the event.

The onus for safety rests with the carnival committee, volunteers, float organisations and drivers and all those taking part. The committee respectively remind those taking part of their responsibilities with regards to health and safety of all other persons involved with the event.

Carnivals are an important part of the colour and culture of local communities, especially Weymouth. However it is with the up most importance that these events are run in a responsible manner with a full consultation with the Police, Dorset Council, Weymouth Town Council, Highways, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, NHS Ambulance Service and any other agency that is involved with the event.

All entrants to our carnival must abide by the following regulations:

1. The Vehicle and any trailer forming part of the float must comply with section 40 A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, amended in 1991.

2. A certificate of Insurance or suitable indemnity must be in force covering the use of the vehicle and float in the carnival. The vehicle must be taxed and MOT’d. (These will be checked prior to arrival)

3. The float vehicle or trailer must be of a sound construction. All trailers must be attached to a towing vehicle with a safety chain/ wire rope. All floats will be inspected prior to the procession by a competent person, who has the final decision on your inclusion in the procession, we will not tolerate any abusive behaviour and such behaviour will be reported to the appropriate authority and could you result in a ban in participating with any future Weymouth Carnival procession.

4. All equipment & displays etc must be securely attached to the float in such a manner that it will not become detached whilst going up or down a hill or when stopping.

5. All vehicles that are towing a trailer must comply with the weight restrictions and have brakes on the trailers that are designed for the purpose to prevent any collision with the float in front or following. (Working breaklights)

6. All passengers on the floats have to be provided with safety equipment by the float organisers to prevent them from falling from the float whilst in the procession and no float is carry more passengers then is considered safe for area of the float. STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL IS TO BE CONSUMED PRIOR TO OR DURING THE PROCESSION BY DRIVERS, PASSENGERS OR SUPERVISORS.

7. Each float must be under the supervision of a suitable person who will walk alongside the float. The supervisor must be in contact with the driver at all times. Should the supervisor have any concerns with the float, the float must be stopped until such time as it is deemed safe to proceed. At no time must any water, flour or other missiles, especially coins be thrown from the float. If this is observed from any float, the said float will be immediately be expelled from the procession at the next suitable exit on the route.

8. No passengers may be carried on a carnival float unless it is in the procession. Whilst the float is in the procession the maximum speed will be 5 MPH. No one is to climb on or off the float whilst the float is in motion.

9. Vehicles which have trailers attached must have a means of preventing any persons crossing between the vehicle and trailer.

10. Each float should carry a fire extinguisher and small first aid kit for their immediate use. The carnival committee will have in place in each section a senior marshal that will provide any assistance required and will be in direct communication with the control team who can organise the services of any emergency services immediately.

11. All entrants to the carnival whether a float or walking must at all times undertaken to follow any instructions given by members of the Carnival control team, senior marshals and volunteers.

The above requirements have been compiled in the hope that the carnival is a safe event and full of fun for all those who have entered and can be enjoyed for years to come.

12. All entries who complete the form automatically accept use of photographs being taken during the event. Pictures may be used in social media promotion.

Please fill in the forms relavant to your entry below.

(Motorised Vehicles)

A £25.00 voluntary donation is asked for this entry. All proceeds will go towards the organisation on improvements for future events and running costs.

The form

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(Walking Entries)

Walking entries will be limited to five and will be on a first come first served basis.

A £10.00 voluntary donation is asked for this entry. this helps towards running costs of the carnival.

The Form

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