Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

  1. The Weymouth Carnival C.I.C, under the purview of The Weymouth Carnival, holds no responsibility for any loss, harm, or damage to individuals or property resulting from your participation.
  2. All participants must adhere to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, its associated regulations, and other applicable legal provisions related to safety and health.
  3. You are obliged to follow all relevant current bylaws, obtainable upon request.
  4. You are accountable for adhering to all pertinent laws and regulations governing the setup, operation, and management of your activities. Additionally, any necessary fees must be covered by you.
  5. Your event should not disrupt, inconvenience, or obstruct the public or other activities taking place in nearby areas.
  6. The event site must be left in a neat and orderly state. Any waste generated by your activities must be cleared before the event concludes, and you are responsible for its proper disposal.
  7. In unforeseen circumstances, Weymouth Carnival committee members retain the right to modify the designated event location.
  8. Unless explicitly agreed upon with Weymouth Carnival, vehicles are not allowed to park on the Esplanade, Beach, or event area. Note: Any authorised vehicles must be equipped with oil drip trays.
  9. Your activities are restricted to the vicinity of your assigned site.
  10. Distributing leaflets or information is prohibited unless you receive written consent from Weymouth Carnival.
  11. Unauthorised fly posting is not allowed.
  12. You are required to indemnify Weymouth Carnival against any costs, claims, expenses, liabilities, or demands arising from your event’s operation.
  13. You must secure and maintain a Public Liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of £5 million, or a sum determined by Weymouth Carnival Management. Proof of coverage must be provided before your activities commence.
  14. You must comply with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992, including producing a Risk Assessment upon request by Weymouth Carnival.
  15. Any trade or promotional units must receive approval from Weymouth Carnival.
  16. All equipment associated with your activities must be removed from the event site upon its completion.
  17. Weymouth Carnival reserves the right to charge the stall holder for damages, reinstatement, repair work, or excessive cleaning necessitated by the event.
  18. You are responsible for providing the necessary number of people for your stall.
  19. Monetary collections are only allowed within your designated area.
  20. Selling or renting goods on the Beach or Esplanade is not permitted.
  21. In an effort to promote environmental sustainability, Weymouth Carnival requests that single-use plastics not be used during the event.
  22. The position of the stalls will be decided by The Weymouth Carnival.

Please complete the form before buying a pitch for Weymouth Carnival 2024.

In the unlikely event that The Weymouth Carnival is canceled, a refund will be issued, with a 10% administration fee deducted from the refund amount for the pitch you have chosen. This is in line with our Refund Policy.